About the Author

I am a Christian
striving to have a faithful relationship 
with the Almighty.

I am an Engineer,
educated to serve the country. 

I am a Banker
who pursues process efficiency
without sacrificing risk and control. 

I am a Writer
who imparts wisdom, 
calls for action,
and weaves poetry
through well thought-of words

I am a Volunteer
who shares time, resources and knowledge
for any endeavor 
that can impart good change 
in the lives of others.

I am a BIG Dreamer 
who runs after every dream
no matter how ridiculous. 
Most of which I get to achieve
by God's grace.

I am a Wanderer
whom you can tag anytime
and anywhere to see the world.

I am a Wonderer
who looks at life and the world
with the relentless excitement 
and eagerness of a kid. 

I am all these
I pray and work hard to be more.

I am a Lover of Light.

I am Ahjh
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