Saturday, April 09, 2016

Mailap na Ulap

Ulap was my FIFTH. By then I have learned that climbs are never how you expect them to be. Most have been tough but not one tougher than the human spirit (ANO RAW? HAHA). So I packed my bag with zero expectations. With eyes closed and fears shunned, I was ready for anything--the good and the bad.
Ulap was DAUNTING. We were an hour away from Benguet when I found out about it being a 4/9 (Difficulty Level). All my tiny alveoli screamed inside. I barely survived a 3/9. How am I gonna survive a 4/9 with my knee injury?Goodness gracious great balls of fire! But it was too late to hesitate, so I shook the fear off and whispered a sweet psalm to the One Above. Good Weather. Strength. Stamina.

Ulap was TRICKY. You'd be surprised how the trail could transition from Ahjh-friendly to uphill
assaults! My feet, ankles, injured-knees, super-duper-short legs, weak-asthmatic lungs and my frail heart had to work extra haaaard. T'was a good thing that the Eye of God was up and mighty. It was already slippery with the loose soil and tiny rocks. Can you imagine how much difficult the trail would be if it was wet and muddy?

Ulap was BREATHTAKING. The view was surreal. I'm grateful our pack was not pressured with time because you would literally want to just stop and stare. Every-single-where.

I wish to tell you "It was the best climb ever!" but a friend told me it was what I've always been saying after each climb. HAHA. So I'll just tell you that it was the best climb ever YET. But I'm betting my pretty little heart, this favorite will be quite hard to beat at that.

I have grown fond of Beyond Beautiful Benguet (BBB) more than I could ever imagine. It would be a delight to go back for a quick day hike, an overnight camp or a glorious weekend. 'Til next time, Sweetheart. Stay lovely! :)

P.S Would stay away from the sun for now. Konti na lang, kulay lokal ng Benguet na ko. :P

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