Thursday, February 19, 2015

Art Fair PH 2015

This has been an annual happy thing. :) 

Almost didn't make it to this year's Art Fair PH at The Link, Ayala. Last year's set was too awesome I waited a year for moooore. Watched Beauty and Beast The Musical at the Cultural Center of the Philippines on the last day of Art Fair PH. Didn't know what time we'll finish dinner after watching. Almost resigned to thinking I won't be able to make it to the fair this year. Good thing, the musical finished earlier than I expected and we had early dinner. Rushed to Makati from Macapagal immediately after.

Worth the drive, I guess. And the aching feet (wore heels because I came from watching a musical in CCP!). But I still find last year's set better than this year's. I guess it was because I adore mixed media and this year's set are predominantly 2D. Don't get me wrong, I adore paintings. And I wish to bombard my future home with classic, peculiar and story-filled paintings. But there's something about mixed media that really hits the core in me.

This piece reminded me of the cute Korean bun I can no longer fashion.

The calming sea of clouds. I'd love to have these in my bedroom please.

Today, I learned about Geometric abstraction and excavated art!

Can't wait for next year's Art Fair PH!
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