Friday, October 24, 2014

Pilgrims in Pinto

Today was a free day. Half of the day I was a bum who couldn't get herself off the bed. The other half, I was a giddy kid immersed in fabricated conversations with creative geniuses, whom I have never met (and probably never will), brought to life by their art. I couldn't ask for more. 

Long have I wanted to travel all the way to the City of Pilgrimage but never really had the time. OR maybe, I never made time. Not until today. But I couldn't have wanted it any other way.

And it was easy to get lost in the multitude of paintings, mixed media and installation arts. Of course, not geographically- every pilgrim was handed a map of the entire place. But I especially love the wooden pieces. There's something more captivating with artworks on wood. For in itself, the wood carries its story to tell. Some are smooth. Others, not. But the rough isn't any less attractive. In fact, the more challenging, the more interesting the creation process, the richer the art.

Also, one can never discount the beauty of starting on a blank canvas but really, do we ever get to start on an empty plate?

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