Saturday, March 08, 2014

My Side of the Story that is Haiyan

What seemed to be one of the darkest times in Philippine History, made light by the resilience, generosity and volunteerism of them Filipinos.

Numbered snapshots of November 2013. A time when the call to move was so loud, the whole world came to action.  The month before the last of the year was a circus of emotions- the good and the bad. Empathy. Pity. Wrath. Hope. Charity. Generosity. Volunteerism. Recovery. Rehabilitation. Progress. Insert a thousand other BIG WORDS here.

One moment in time, varied experiences for a multitude of us. To me it was an Awakening. Of how a small deed can bring light to a dark hour. Of how a fist-sized heart can house so much love for so many people. Of how universal love outweigh romantic love in ways one cannot measure. Of how each of us carry a responsibility towards the rest of us. And for a moment, I stood in awe of humanity in progressive motion.

Banker during the day. Volunteer at night (and on weekends too!). It was amazing to be just you and yet be different people for different people at the same time.

Would have taken more photos BUUT that time, I made sure my hands got busy with a million more important things to do.

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