Wednesday, October 02, 2013

NO. I can't tell you where to go and how to get there. But I do understand the burning desire to build a life of significance and the crippling fear of falling short. We'll figure it out OR NOT. I wish I could be a good friend and tell you that life is gonna be wonderful and that you are gonna be amazing. I won't. Because I don't know that. But I would like to believe I'll be a better friend telling you this--- I will be with you through our 20's haze and beyond. We'll bask in the confusion, conquer demons unearthed by impulse, climb mountains (literally and figuratively), go to places we've never been and see the world in hopeful eyes wherever it leads us. So be a little kinder to yourself. Let's just LIVE in the NOW.    

YES. I still think our 20's will be our best decade EVER. Aye! Aye! Let's make it count!  #NotetoaFriend #AsPromised
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