Monday, August 19, 2013

He Cares Mission

I CAME. I came with nothing but a pocket full of loose change to give and free time. I left with awareness, re-ignited dreams, a validated cause, and a fuller heart. 

I LEARNED. I learned that there is so much more we can give to the Needy than just money. And that the Needy aren't just those who barely had money for the day. Sometimes, they are us, who have more than enough but who couldn't make peace with who we are, what we do and where we're going. 

I WAS REMINDED. I was reminded that the reason why we are blessed is NOT because WE DESERVE MORE BUT because WE ARE TO GIVE MORE.

Our day started with Bro Tony saying "We didn't come here to feed. We came here in search of the face of Jesus." So for the rest of our stay there, I did just that. In a sea of strangers, in a throng of sob stories that were too unfortunate to sound real, in small gestures of generosity, in random acts of kindness, in the hopeful eyes of the kids, I found You. I found You.

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