Saturday, July 13, 2013

To Sio Mai Love

Yesterday, Mama made lambing and asked if I could stay with her at home today. She says she's feeling like she's gonna be sick. I was supposed to go to a travel fair with a friend in the morning, spend 4 good hours in Ace Water Spa and end the night at a salon to have my hair and nails done. I cancelled. Daughter duties first.

So I spent the whole morning inside her room. She was sleeping. I was indulging in my favorite worship songs, browsing through non-fiction reads and lost in my thoughts when she woke up and said "Princess, I'm hungry".

So I dragged my lazy butt off the lazy boy. The help has just started cooking rice. I searched the fridge for something I can cook. And boy my eyes were filled with delight when I saw a bag full of siomai! :) Win-win!
Okay, I basically just steamed those ready-to-cook pork wonders BUUUUT that still counts as cooking!!!!

I sliced fruits and scooped brown rice onto my favorite Japanese plate. Then proudly handed over my labor of love to the Queen of our household. And I wish I could tell you her first words were "Delicious" or "Awesome" or "Well done" (my boss' favorite phrase everytime I senda deliverable hihi *wink*). She said, "Bangus. I want bangus."

Waaaah. My proud heart was slowly breaking down to pieces. And my brain was thinking thoughts of how steamed bangus or fried bangus was way beyond my newly discovered instant cooking powers. But my unconquerable soul, wouldn't stop without giving it a try.

So I went back to the kitchen and looked for that dreaded bangus. The help said Mama wanted it steamed. Just steamed. Kind of cheered my bruised ego up a little thinking steam is simple I can deal with a little steam. Not.

I didn't know how to wash the fish and I swear, it was staring me in the eye whole time! So as I was figuring out a way to defrost it a bit faster, I found myself whispering "I know how bad this looks like but I swear I wasn't the one who killed you. In fact, I'm trying to give value add to your existence by transforming you into something edible. How am I gonna do that? I'll figure that out, one step at a time." --- Oh the sound of desperation.

I was starting to lose my patience when I couldn't find the right cooking pot to steam the fish in. 10 minutes and 5 pots after I found myself screaming "Mr. Big Eye, why'd you have to be soooo big? Uuugh". And then I bet out of pity, the Lord breathed upon me his Holy Wisdom ---"Tanga. Pwede mo naman kasi hiwain".

I split it to half because apparently it wasn't as easy to slice the fish as it looks like in cooking shows. :((

The billion dollar question in all my attempts at cooking is-- "Luto na kaya to?". Well today, at least with this bangus, I didn't have to ask. Because 20 minutes later, all the water in my pot had evaporated and the help rushed into the kitchen screaming "Ate, amoy sunog na yan!".

I took pictures of my cooking escapade but I  won't post it here to save what's left of my dignity. HAHA. But someday soon, I'm gonna post pictures of awesomely cooked meals by yours truly AND I swear the wait is gonna be worth it. Chos.

Happy Saturday. :)

Light and Love, 
Ahjh :*

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