Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Power Team

Sitting inside the board room today and privileged to have had a glimpse of how the Big Minds in my current organization cultivate healthy personal relationships while in the process of working professionally (and productively) as a TEAM reminded me of us-- then.

You were my POWER TEAM- the group of people with whom I know any shared ENDEAVOR/VISION/DREAM can be made possible. We were far from perfect but, TOGETHER, we were INDESTRUCTIBLE.

I know we've stepped foot towards different industries and far bigger organizations with greater responsibilities. Eventually, we'll be part of other POWER TEAMS-- separately-- BUT you will always be special. You were my first. (ANSAVEH? hihi) and you are IRREPLACEABLE.

So this is me saying, I miss you. Us. During our best and worst. During the moments of strength and weaknesses--through all the controversies. Aaand I hope to see you ALL soooon! Please?

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