Friday, July 05, 2013

Operations and Technology

I have always believed that man can either make technology work for or against him. As intellectual individuals, man has never stopped building on tools that can make life a little easier for all of us. Even the crude man knew he needed the right set of tools to survive the early Earth! Nowadays, however, with all the possibilities that modern technology brings, it is no longer enough to simply acquire the right tools. One must be able to acquire the right tools AND know how to use them to his advantage.

Earlier this morning, dB Wizards (an Information Technology Organization that provides business solutions and services that can help the corporate man meet his business and operational requirements) hosted a customer immersion exercise for RCBC. We were asked to visit their office at 8/F Microsoft Philippines Office in 6750 Ayala Avenue (Just across Glorietta 3) to have a closer look as to what the modern information technology can offer us.

I did appreciate the effort of the team to design a simulation of the corporate environment to showcase how information technology can help us in our daily tasks in the office. We were asked to pretend that we were all employees of a fictional global company named Contoso. Each individual was asked to take over a role. I was Molly Clark, a Sales Account Manager.

They showed us the different software solutions and applications that they have for business intelligence, communications/messaging, database/knowledge management, enterprise planning, and workflow system. The modern business world requires the average corporate guy to do more within his daily 8 to 5 job. And as a non-believer of OT==dedication, I believe that these resources could really help us reach higher productivity levels. Productivity versus long hours!

As an Operations folk, I find value in discovering how technology can help me achieve efficiencies in the different processes and systems we are building.  This is the exact reason why I was really happy that my department head asked me to represent our department--- either he's rewarding me for my dedication or he's just not interested (I think a little of both! hihi)

Attending today's exercise awful felt like being part of a big world full of new possibilities. There's just no stopping for the modern man no? :)

Light and Love, 
Ahjh   :*

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