Monday, July 29, 2013

Late Bloomer

Let me give you reasons why I was never a heavy drinker. First of all, can we just freakin' admit that it doesn't even taste good? We consume food (or drinks) for two reasons --either is nourishes us or it delights us. I bet you can go beer-tasting all over the world and NOT find beer that is pleasant to the tongue NOR to the stomach. 

Second, it does horror to the skin. The rare times I succumb to drinking alcohol, my skin ALWAYS feels rough and dry. There are even times I have rashes all over that are undeniably itchy and ugly. Need I say more?

But moving beyond the superficial, the real reason why I'm a cautious drinker is because I'm scared of what I'll do when I'm completely drunk (if it'll ever happen). My control freak self can't stand the thought of me recklessly being unapologetically me. But I have to admit, my Curious self is dying to know what if. 

But screw all this over-thinking-about-drinking-monologue and just driiiiiink-- the exact same reason why I'm giving alcohol a chance--- in the hopes that it'll help loosen me up a little...more. 

Below are big ass caramel beers from Rue Bourbon in Eastwood. It sure ain't your ordinary bitter beer. I even got to finish half of a big ass beer mug. So this is me saying, I'm braving the uncertainty and chasing the risk of running loose.  And if alcohol comes with a price-- of horror stories that we wish to be untold after being told-- let them spring from my cup and let the horror stories be mine. 

Help me improve my alcohol tolerance, anyone? :P

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