Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm not a good judge of character for the simple reason that I don't judge. I'd rather try to understand-- because there's something more thrilling and meaningful in seeing the world in someone else's eyes than forcing it to live by your acquired standards.

I also cringe by the thought of stereotypes. Because the human mind and heart is so immensely powerful to just be boxed in a label conjured by the Shallow.

Living by this moral compass helps me understand, that though I look at the world with positive eyes, it won't gaze back with the same kindness ALL the time--not even most of the time. I'm faaar from indestructible but I try my best to rise above recklessly thought of criticisms and misfit judgments.

So pardon me if I seem to act with arrogance ignoring voices that are unmindful of how they could powerfully build and destroy. I do my best to just focus on that little voice that matter--my heart.

Thread the road your heart desires and you will never be lost.   
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