Saturday, May 11, 2013

FOOD: Marciano's Greenbelt

Bad things come suddenly with no warning. Sure knows how to make a grand entrance. Like a blitzkrieg that  maximizes impact.

I remember coming from a night out with friends the night it all began. It was my first time to come home at 3AM. That night was crazy. I wasn't drunk but I was dead groggy (tired beyond control hihi :P) I knew mom would be furious but she wasn't. I was almost certain she would have locked me out but she didn't.  When I woke up, I was expecting a litany but Ma was very quiet. 

Dy didn't come home that night and the night after and the night after the 'night after'. This was how the doom all began. I was clueless. Ma was heartbroken. Dy transformed into an arrogant mongrel I can no longer recognize. Until now.

I couldn't make sense of what was happening. I sure don't understand. And sometimes, I couldn't help but be mad with how ridiculously cunning life turned out to be. But the world wouldn't stop for no one. It sure won't stop for me. I just woke up one day and vowed to take more care of Ma. 

During one of her episodes, I had to stay overtime for work. I was torn between rushing home and finishing work. So I told her to just come to the office and we'll have dinner in Makati. (Her travel time gave me enough time to rush my deliverables).

I wanted to eat somewhere different. Somewhere classy. Somewhere we can get our minds off things and we found ourselves opening the doors of Marciano's, Greenbelt. 

The interiors were beyond awesome. Totally love the bold colors and the fixtures in style. It was a fusion of the best of classical and contemporary. The walls and the ceiling were filled with framed art and movie icons. I especially loved Marilyn Monroe's-- who has been one of my favorite icons recently (maybe because I've been a fan of Smash, TV Series). 

The food is however bordering over the average. There's a wide variety of food choices from pizzas, pasta's, hamburgers, and steaks. Ordered West Side Four Seasons for Ma and me. I especially loved Four Cheese and Sea Food slices. The other two was Mushroom and Pepperoni.

I also ordered Joey Tribiani's Pasta (just because I love FRIENDS) but failed to take a photo of it. Sorry. HAHA. 

I surprisingly liked the Strawberry Milk Shake! I've been on the hunt for a delicious strawberry milkshake for  the longest time and I think this is one of the few that made it to the cut. hihi .

But nothing could spell love more than cheese. hihi. I especially loved how this plate was decorated. It was plus aside from the fact that the cheesecake tasted real heavenly. :)

Overall, the dining experience had been awesome. I just noticed that most of the people dining there were foreigners. We were the only Pinoys inside! I really wonder why. 

I know the dining experience is nothing compared to the heaviness of what our family has been going through. But I'm happy that for a moment, I got my mom off from thinking. I hope one day she'll realize also, that she may have lost the man of her life but she still has me. And I promise to take care of her for the rest of her life (whether she likes it or not. hihi). :)

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