Monday, May 14, 2012

The Legend Villas

Every year my uncle gets a free overnight stay with breakfast buffet for two at the Legend Villas in Mandaluyong. This year, he gave his privilege to my brother and me as a graduation gift. :) Sweet.

It was not your ordinary hotel. Not the usual ridiculously luxurious vertical high rise hotel. The Legend Villas is as the name implies a spacious compound of luxurious villas in the heart of the metro. As you enter the place, you will be welcomed by the Lola Maria restaurant of the hotel. I'm not a morning person and I don't usually eat much during breakfast that's why I opted to give up the free breakfast buffet to Mama and Daddy so I won't be able to tell if the food was great. I read about it from foodie blogs though and I heard the food and the ambiance were 4 out of 5 stars. But do watch out for an update because I'm really thinking about coming back just to try their lunch buffet. :)

There's free use of the gym, swimming pool and jacuzzi for all the guests. The gym and the pool area are open 24/7 but you have to sign a waiver should you be using them beyond 6PM because there will be no lifeguard by then. The rates are pricey but the place is not as luxurious as its price tag says it should be. The Legend Villas give its guests a homey but stylish ambiance with its Spanish inspired interiors. Simple but complete. Functionality without sacrificing style. 

We got a Premier Villa for ourselves. It's a 2-level fully air-conditioned villa with a spacious bedroom, 2 bathrooms, a mini bar, 2 flat screen televisions, 2 landlines, and a private jacuzzi! Hell yeah (just for the private jacuzzi)! It was nice of the hotel to provide plates, utensils, an electric stove and other kitchenwares for free. Room service is available from 6AM to 10PM. The only downside for me is that there was no cable TV during our overnight stay but the internet connection was ridiculously fast! I was able to download 7 episodes of SUITS in 2 hours! Wild. :))

The best part of the stay for me was having the private jacuzzi all by myself that night. Oh yeah! :) It was my much needed ME time. :)

I enjoyed my stay but I say the accommodations was not worth the price tag. You don't stay in hotels just to have a place to sleep over at, you pay the price for the luxury of the place. I have access to cable TV, unlimited internet connection, more stylish kitchenwares, phone lines, hot and cold water, and AC units at home. I wouldn't pay 7000 pesos/night just for that.There are a number of other hotels that an offer more for the same price.

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