Friday, April 06, 2012

The Beauty in Waiting

I am IMPATIENT. The worst habit I have that I'm not proud of and that I have long been wanting to change is being late. I am always late because I procrastinate. I procrastinate because I don't like being done with everything that needed to be done only to find myself waiting. I am ridiculously impatient like that. I know, immature, right? But I can't be late anymore. And honestly, PATIENCE is what God has been trying to teach me for the longest time.

Come April 22nd, I will be officially done with college. Last week, I finished all my requirements for my undergraduate degree and this Monday all my grades are in. So that makes me a BUM from that day the grades were in until the recognition rites. But here I am, relentlessly looking for job opportunities and getting frustrated by the day. Wait, let me explain.

As soon as I found out that all my grades are in and that I am sure, as the rising sun, to graduate this April, I went looking for a job. I searched online and talked to employed friends about it. Got a decent number of offers actually from different companies. That gives me the assurance that I won't be unemployed for so long. I'm blessed with friends who are more than willing to refer me to their HR managers. Anyway, but there's this job position that I am really hoping to get. Thing is, I found out about it just this week and I sent my application email Wednesday afternoon-half a day before the super long weekend holiday in the Philippines. I was actually hoping that the HR would reply before the day ends. But they didn't. I was also hoping that they will call soon but they didn't. Well, it's the holidays anyway. BUT I am really starting to be impatient about it; especially when I found out that Monday is still declared a holiday. So that makes Wednesday through Monday next week holidays! That means, the soonest possible time for them to call me is Tuesday morning. It's that long! :(

Went Visita Iglesia last night with the extended family and all I could ask for was this job opportunity. To be honest, I'm confused. I've been thinking that I'm not sure if I really want the position or if it was just what's the best opportunity I was handed over at the moment. I'm not sure if God has better opportunities in store for me. I'm not sure where He wants me to be. And all I can ask for is enlightenment.

And then it dawned on me, that I have been so engrossed in the promise of tomorrow than what today holds. It dawned on me, that I was so caught up with finding the perfect job and getting employed that I forgot to take a break after all the hard work that I've been through in College before diving into the Corporate World. And most of all, I forgot, that the holy week is here because it is the time of the year when we commemorate the day when Jesus died on the cross to save humanity.

So, I will do my best to be patient. I will do my best to take my time to rest my soul. I will do my best to commemorate the greatest demonstration of true love that mankind has ever had. I will do my best to clear my mind and spend the rest of holy week connecting to our Creator in the hopes that He will enlighten me on my real purpose here on earth. That which will hopefully give me a clue on which job to pursue. :)
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