Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Testify to Love

Today, I am a witness to the Lord's ridiculously miraculous ways. Today, I am a witness to GOD's generous provision. Today I am a witness to His great love for me. 


I have been dead worried when I found out that I need to get 98.75% in the ES13 Final Exam to pass the course. Holy Shmoly. There is in no way I would be able to perfect the exam!

To be honest, I have been complacent. The average of my first three long exams were passing. I didn't think there was a chance that I would get such low scores for the remaining two exams for my grade to cascade that low. But it did. And the thing is, I only found out about it, the day before the final exam.

As I've mentioned in an earlier entry, I opted to not sleep for two days to study for the Finals. I even literally dragged Reygie to tutor me with the things I couldn't understand. I know it was a losing battle. I mean, seriously, a perfect score? WHO AM I KIDDING? But instead of being such a nega-star, I opted to just work hard for it still. Give it my best shot. And fight til the end regardless of chance.

I'm pretty sure I did well in my Finals Exam. BUT I am also as certain that I will not be able to perfect it. I was counting on my professor's words that they might curve the grades. After all, it was my only hope. Mom cried for days when she found out about it. She was so scared that I won't be able to graduate yet. To be honest, it made all the pressure more unbearable. I couldn't sleep for days!

Today, I literally dragged my lazy depressed ass off the bed to brave going to Engg and checking if Sir posted the final standing. As of 4PM, he still hasn't. I don't know which was scarier, the uncertainty or the possibility of a certain FAIL.

I lightened up a bit when I met with someone for dinner earlier in the evening. It was nice to be in a mall and not have to worry about deadlines and other academic requirements. Although, I still didn't help but worry about Trese. And so right there in Trinoma, with Kobe (my laptop) and Sunshine (my broadband plug-it) I sent my professor a message via email. By 9PM, I opted to go home. I left Trinoma and dropped by Quiapo Church to pray for a miracle. My last haggle to the Lord before I'll call it another sleepless night.

In the middle of my sincere prayer, I saw that a lot of people were walking along the center aisle on their knees. I suddenly had this urge to do it. To walk on my knees from the end of the church towards the altar! I didn't know where to start right away. I had to observe the people doing it first. It was kinda embarrassing looking all clueless in the middle of the church, y'know. But the next thing I knew, I just found myself walking on my knees towards the altar, praying with all my heart.:) It wasn't easy. It hurt BIG TIME. It started hurting even before I reached halfway. I cried both out of sincerity and pain on my knees! hihi :) BUT I claimed that if I reach the altar, I will pass the course. I claimed that by the time I go home, my professor would have replied to my email and he will tell me the good news. I claimed that come Sunday this weekend, I will be walking on my knees again, NOT to ask for anything, but to give thanks for the miracle I am yet to receive. And I cannot contain my happiness, when I went home this evening and saw my professor's congratulatory reply. He said I passed the course! :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

College is officially over! I will graduate this April! I will be able to march in a pretty ecru dress and wear that iconic sablay. I will be able to make my parents proud!

Tonight, I am a witness to GOD's unfailing forgiveness and relentless generosity. I am Ahjh and I testify to Love. :)
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