Sunday, March 25, 2012

Handog Ngiti

Dito ko natutunang di ko kailangan MANGARAP MAGISA.


Dreams have always been something we delightfully envision and build up on as individuals. It is more often centered to our desires making us feel obliged to work hard for it alone. UP PRIME taught me this shouldn't always be the case.

I have always been a BIG DREAMer. In fact, this is exactly what my first execomm evaluation as President contained. Mapangarap daw ako. :) It gained me both commendation and criticism. May mga natuwa. Mayroong hindi. But amidst the mixed reactions, I was blessed to have an executive committee who was willing to DREAM BIG with me. AND who worked hard as ONE TEAM towards the realization of what has become our SHARED DREAMS. ♥ HANDOG NGITI was one of those dreams. Something we initiated as executive committee but WON over and executed with the generous support of the members and even the alumni. :)
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