Saturday, March 17, 2012

FOOD: Carinderia Buffet

Filipinos love BIG gatherings. We love being with people- whether in large crowds or intimate circles. We love sharing moments, memories and of course, food. :)

So if you are hundred percent Pinoy at heart, I'm pretty sure you'd love to try this place. Carinderia Buffet is a one level restaurant in V. Luna Quezon City that offers unlimited food and beverages for any guest or group of guests. You can feast on a large variety of Filipino cuisine (appetizers, main courses and desserts included) and staple drinks for two hours. All for the a surprisingly cheap price of Php 119.00! What a bargain!

From the outside, you wouldn't miss the bright and colorful sign calling out to every passerby. For those who will be bringing cars, you need not worry because there's enough parking space in front of the restaurant. Never judge a restaurant by the name because although this restaurant's name is Carinderia, it’s interiors aren't that of a shabby eatery that the name implies. Their fixtures and decorations are a mix of modern and native materials.

As you enter, you will not miss the wooden roof structure that houses the long tables on which the food is served. Surrounding it are wooden tables and chairs that you can gladly choose from. The guest need not fall in long queues or wait for food to be served. You may actually go straight to the food tables, get your plates, fill it up with food and eat right away. Waiters are all around the place to assist you with your drinks and other things as you please.

There are a lot of things to commend this place for. First and foremost, the service. The guard, outside the restaurant, pleasantly welcomes and assists guests when parking. There are no queues for ordering and the waiters are all around the place ready to be of service to the guests should they need any assistance. If you purchase their unlimited beverages, you need not ask for a refill. The waiters will automatically fill it up! Bill out is as easy as a breeze too. Fast service= happy me! :)

Cleanliness is evidently a priority. Every few minutes, the personnel sprays cleaning mixture on the floor and mops. :) All the tables are tidied up the minute the customer leaves the them. I'm very particular with plates and utensils that I use. I like using different plates and utensils for different types of food. I'm glad Carinderia Buffet allows you to use as many plates as you wish. You can actually just get any type of plate piled up at the side counters, every time you go for a refill. The utensils are just within anyone's reach as every table has a utensil tub in its center.

I'd give the food 3 out of 5 stars. The good points are, they really have a wide variety of food. From fish, pork, beef, chicken and even vegan dishes. Also, the crew refills each container by the minute the supply reduces into half! It's like the buffet tables are always full! However, most of them are a bit more oily than I'd hope for. Quality/taste wise, they aren't that exemplary. Hey, this is a carinderia anyway, not a fine dining-restaurant. It stays true to its name :P

Final Verdict: If you are really hungry and you want to feast on as many food as you can reach for, GO for the Carinderia Buffet. Super worth the Php119.00 But if you prefer quality of food over quantity, I guess this isn't the right place for you.
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