Sunday, July 31, 2011

Service Beyond Convenience

TORCH is a blessing I never thought I'd ever have. TORCH is the service I never thought GOD would ever entrust me with. TORCH is a privilege that I never thought I'd ever want for myself. 

Earlier this year, I didn't know what to do with my service. I knew I had to leave the community not because I want to. NOT EVEN for self growth (this was the usual reason for our previous cluster heads). Believe me or not, if it was all up to me, I would have done everything to stay. I love what I was doing. I love the people I was with. Ironically, it was for the love of that cluster that pushed me to leave. Because I knew that leaving was the only thing left to do for the entire cluster to grow and STEP UP. And so I did.

Contrary to popular belief, leaving wasn’t easy. I didn’t know where to go. I’ve been serving in YFC’s community program for almost eight years now and the comm-based culture was all I know and all I ever want to be. BUT GOD had other plans for me.

When I was told I’d be the TORCH Sector Servant, I didn’t know how to feel about it. I was beyond grateful for another chance to serve the Lord. I was ecstatic with the thought of facing new challenges with and for Him. My heart was overwhelmed knowing that I have new TORCHies to take care of. BUT I was terrified with the thought of having to deal with new coordinators, new sector youth heads and full time workers. I was scared of having to adjust with the new the culture I am yet to immerse myself with.

I was never good with change. And to be honest, it hadn’t been easy. There were nights, I’d come home real late from the coordination/household/service meetings. I don’t mind spending long hours in service of the Lord but it gets scary to go home alone by commute from Cubao to Manila beyond 11PM on a weekday. Meetings were more frequent than how it used to be when I was still serving in comm-based. Sometimes, my parents wouldn’t believe I was going out for a YFC meeting/event anymore. These plus having to juggle school and other commitments I have for the year.

But working with the TORCH Party Service Team redefined SERVICE and COMMITMENT for me. I really saw GOD working His way through the TORCH Sector Youth Heads and the FTWs (Fulltime Workers). I was amazed and inspired by how dedicated and consistently hardworking the team had been just to make sure that the first Metro Manila TORCH PARTY will be fun and meaningful for the attendees. 

Epiphany dawned on me during the party itself. The worship lead by Kuya Ghamay really helped me listen to what GOD had been wanting to tell me all along- that when things become beyond difficult and overwhelming, I can hold on to the truth that He is ALMIGHTY and with HIM I can do anything. So instead of being scared of having to go home alone by commute, I should take courage in knowing He’ll keep me safe. Instead of complaining about having no sleep because I usually still had to study after the meetings, I should have been grateful for the strength He blessed me with to survive the day. And most of all, instead of focusing on the challenges I’ve been dealing with, I should have been counting the bountiful blessings that came my way because of this great privilege to serve the Lord through TORCH.

 P.S. I would personally like to thank all the YFC’s and Couple Coordinators from Central C who made it to the TORCH Party. It meant a lot to us.
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