Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm trying to walk through a BIG decision that I have to make soon. Life next year would depend so much on this one. I know I want to, but sometimes, getting the thing that you want can be very selfish and immature.

I honestly do not know what to do. I've been dilly-dallying for the passed days. I'm just good at making the wrong decisions and I DON'T want to be WRONG about this one. It's just too BIG of a risk to be wrong. And there will be too many people involved. So help me GOD.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Crazy February

The passed three weeks have been CRAZY. 0.o From exam week to PRIME week to campaign week and elections! Wild.

January 17 - January 28 We've been bombarded with academic requirements as always. Exam dates were a day after the other. Meetings and Errands for PRIME Week also came in a rush.

January 29 Langhap Saya: An outreach program hosted by UP PRIME wherein we painted the walls of the playground in KNL with BOYSEN paint. It was the first day of PRIME Week. It was my first time to ever scrub a cemented wall and paint. It had been a very tiring day for me. But having dinner with KL, KJ, and GT helped me relax a bit. =) That day I found out a very interesting fact about KL. Something that I think made us a bit closer. Something that I'm very grateful for. =)

February 1 Exhibit Launch: I was in charge of the event. And I'd say it was a success. I'm really blessed to have high attendance rates in ALL of my events. =) I'm glad that everyone had a great time. They were all giddy when they saw the PRIME cake. Happy =)

February 3 iNNOVATE: UP PRIME's college wide seminar about innovation. This is something we are proud of. There were a hundred attendees and lots of freebies from our different sponsors.

February 5 UP PRIME's Benefit Dinner

February 7-8 Start of Campaign. Everyone was going bananas. The plans weren't executed as orderly as planned. But we survived. :P

February 9 IE 142 exam. I got caught up with the preparations for the PRIME week and campaign. I'd say I wasn't as prepared for the exam as I planned to be. BUT I'm glad I passed. =) Not good enough, but it's a start!

February 10-11 I got caught in between campaigning and studying. This week was the worst because my period was oh so timely. I was moody, doubly exhausted and terrible stressed.

February 12 IE 143 Exam. I was just glad the exam week was over! AND PRIME week too. I know campaign week is going to be tiring as well but it won't be crucial for my grades anymore. =) HAHAHA 

February 14 Spent the whole day with the PRIME slate and late afternoon til evening with Dear. =) 

February 15 Alloted all my free time campaigning for PRIME and visiting our companies for the different projects I have this semester. Gaaah. ORG Grilling lasted until later in the evening. I even had to stay to practice with the slate for Miting De Avance.

February 16 I had my cam with me this day but I failed to document Miting de Avance. Fail. But it was the day I felt so PROUD to be part of PRIME. Everything was just so amazing. =)

February 17 Elections and Iso Night. I got to bond with the slate and PRIME execomm. No sleep and had to study for 151 quiz!

February 18 UP Fair with Naf. I promised Naf that I would attend UPSURGE with her and although I was half conscious and half asleep the whole day, I made it til half passed ten! HAHA I was crawling on my way home. And fell fast asleep as soon as I hit my bed!

February 19 Baby CJ's Christening! I had to meet JV in Cubao to return his camera but managed to make it to the reception in Chinatown's Best Foods. I'm glad I made it there. The food and the photobooth (and of course the company of our CD friends) are soooo worth it.

February 20 YFC Cluster Assembly. I had to rush preparing for a talk later that afternoon.It was our Valentine's Special and I was tasked to talk about love and relationships. Kumusta naman yun? HAHAHAHHA. But the crowd was more than participative and I got positive feedback after. Happy. Yipee. Yehey.

I'm sorry if I had to keep my stories short. I just have lots of kwento and I don't know how to fit it in one post. I'm tired BUT I'm very pleased with the way things turned out. Thank you, Lord.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just finished watching tangled. I forgot when the last time I wanted something as badly as Rapunzel wanted to see the floating lights- something that she knew in her heart was meant for her (and it really was for her after all!). What I know is that NOW, I'm almost always scared to want anything so badly because I'm so afraid of not being able to get a hold of it or worse, be able to get a hold of it but lose it in the end.

I am hoping to be the hardcore Ahjh that I want to be. Watch me.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

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