Monday, January 17, 2011

Major Major Headache

Attended four consecutive group meetings for my 4 IE majors today. Early morning meetup with 143 groupmates for our case. Then company visit and lunch meeting with IE 151 groupmates at Cerealicious, Katipunan. After which, I went straight to the PinkHouse to meet with my 142 groupmates for our case and presentation. Lastly, I met up with Carla and Anna at Starbucks, Technohub to finish the 143 case.

I had to endure a throbbing headache by the time I met with Dear for dinner. Dear was thoughtful enough to massage my head for a few minutes to ease my pain. =) Yihee. Yehey! Sweet. =))

I still have a list of acad stuff to finish before sleeping tonight (that is if I will still have time to sleep.) Tomorrow is another busy day. Gaah. Although technically, I only have one class. I have a lot of meetings and appointments for all the deliverables we have this week
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