Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Territorial Flag

There are people you go to work with everyday. There are people you party with. There are people you play pretend with. There are people who inspire you. There are people who provoke you. And there are those who makes you feel better about yourself because they love you just the way you are. =) Everyone wants a piece of heaven, right? That's why I love being with my RGeu. It's not everyday you find a group of people you can feel totally comfortable with. =)

Last December 27, 2010, we had our Christmas dinner at Joshua's pad in UN, Manila. T'was FUN as always. =) RGeu warmth never fails. We had super fun playing Pinoy Henyo and Charades. I guess it never grows on you. I hope it never will. =)

They say I never really loved you. How come I feel this way? How come I still feel territorial over you. They thought I was the one who dumped you for another. You think I was mean. I say, you were never really completely mine in the first place. You never wanted me as badly. You just loved the thought that I was there for you. But I'm happy where I am now. I sincerely hope you are too.
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