Saturday, December 25, 2010

Oh It's Christmas!

Christmas in a few hours and honestly, I feel more scared than excited.

We'd be attending the Asperas Clan Noche Buena at our house in the South tonight. Everyone's gonna be there. And I guess, everyone's gonna ask the billion-dollar question. Haaaaay.

I feel like running away from family and friends, who might not understand. Every single time I see prejudice in other people's eyes, I do my best to hold onto the fact that I have a bigger GOD, the one who blessed me with this life, who knows better.

It doesn't help that mom's mocking me too. I could really use all the support I need. ='( And tonight is just one family holiday, I couldn't escape from.

So I guess I'll just put on my make up and a smile on my face. And if anyone asks, I'll just do my best to evade.

It really doesn't help that K is gonna be there.
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