Thursday, November 18, 2010

Light and Darkness

I believe that our presence affect the people around us. I believe that all human beings are contagious. I believe that we radiate light, darkness and often a mixture of both. This, we reflect from and towards other people.

I want to believe that from the start we were all bright and shiny- without a trace of darkness and gloom. I want to believe that darkness is but fleeting. It comes but it goes. I want to believe that amidst having to go through the gray areas of life that made us flicker, eventually we were destined to shine in absolute radiance beside something bigger than us.

Today, I flickered more frequently than ever. I had darker days but none gloomier than this one. I guess yesterday's regrets do cut deeper than today's mistakes.

A wise man once said that who we are today is the absolute sum of all our previous decisions. Today, I just feel as if I made all the worst decisions one can ever make in her lifetime.

I used to believe that GOD had kept me within his blanket of grace. I used to believe that no matter what I do wrong, He would be there to break my fall every single time. Just as it always has been. Just the way it used to be.

I'm holding onto the one thing I have left- faith. I have faith on GOD's promise of a brighter future. I have faith on GOD's promise of a beautiful life. And although the darkness might have gotten hold of me tonight, I won't let the light within me burn out because I am a star and I am destined to shine.
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