Sunday, November 07, 2010

Had a chance to be part of the 1st Industrial and Managerial Holistic Student's Conference team last weekend. To be honest, I didn't want to attend the event at first. But I'm really glad that eventually, I did.I managed to listen to the last straws of the talk of the second speaker BUT I'm fortunate enough to listen to the thought provoking and entertaining words of Francis Kong. From him, I learned the five levels of leadership.

Five Levels of Leadership
1. Position Level of Leadership
People follow you because you are in the position to demand it from them.

2. Permission Level of Leadership
People follow you because they think that you could lead them to reach their individual or team's goals.

3. Co-production Level of Leadership
People follow you because they've seen what you've done and they trust your capability to produce the results that they are also vying for.

4, People Development Leadership
Leadership where you do not only get the job done but also help your people maximize their potentials and grow into better individuals. Success without succession is a failure.

5. Servant Leadership
When you go beyond your personal interests and stand up for visions bigger than you.

I would like to believe that I'm starting to master the art of the fourth level of leadership. Both for PRIME and for YFC. I would like to believe that I have started molding the people unto whom I could entrust the mentioned organizations when the right time comes. But I know I still have a lot to learn.

"Good leaders are made BUT they have to be born first"

The crowd bursted into laughter at what they thought was a joke. BUT I think it was more of a witty way of saying that before one could become a great leader, he has to consciously want to become one. Leadership is not something you could master in a year or so. It's a mixture of skill and character of which dimensions you could always improve on. It's a lifetime process of continuous learning but only with conscious effort. 

"Fail NOW and succeed SOONER"

 I believe I learned how it is to FAIL BIG TIME soon enough. I'm NOT letting myself fall in the same pits again soon, if not ever! I've learned the hard way and I haven't gained full composure back. But I know I'm on the right track.

"Who you are and who you will be are consequences of the decisions you make everyday."

 Today, I decide to emerge victorious in all my current and upcoming endeavors. Today, I decide to do things with honor. Today, I decide to be in constant pursuit of excellence. Today, I am a winner and every single day I will choose to be one.

Not only did I learn about brand and team leadership but during the afternoon I got to learn about public speaking and power dressing hosted by Ms. Claud Mallilin of Business Trends. Won't enumerate the things I learned anymore or else this entry would be a total bore! HAHA. But I guess the biggest lesson here is to never let go of any opportunity to learn no matter how lazy you feel during any moment of your life. Because frankly, there is ALWAYS so much more to life that we don't know.

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