Thursday, November 18, 2010

Light and Darkness

I believe that our presence affect the people around us. I believe that all human beings are contagious. I believe that we radiate light, darkness and often a mixture of both. This, we reflect from and towards other people.

I want to believe that from the start we were all bright and shiny- without a trace of darkness and gloom. I want to believe that darkness is but fleeting. It comes but it goes. I want to believe that amidst having to go through the gray areas of life that made us flicker, eventually we were destined to shine in absolute radiance beside something bigger than us.

Today, I flickered more frequently than ever. I had darker days but none gloomier than this one. I guess yesterday's regrets do cut deeper than today's mistakes.

A wise man once said that who we are today is the absolute sum of all our previous decisions. Today, I just feel as if I made all the worst decisions one can ever make in her lifetime.

I used to believe that GOD had kept me within his blanket of grace. I used to believe that no matter what I do wrong, He would be there to break my fall every single time. Just as it always has been. Just the way it used to be.

I'm holding onto the one thing I have left- faith. I have faith on GOD's promise of a brighter future. I have faith on GOD's promise of a beautiful life. And although the darkness might have gotten hold of me tonight, I won't let the light within me burn out because I am a star and I am destined to shine.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Matira Matibay

I wasn't a big fan of Pacman. In fact, I was one of his constant critics. HAHA. I hated boxing. And I hated the fact that someone who rules that hated sport had that much influence in our nation much more. I find it ballistic that people had to succumb to violence for entertainment. I find it insane that just because someone literally knocks other people down in a ring, the whole nation had to bow down on their knees and adore him like a king. Oooh. That last sentence rhymed. Amusing. I found it appalling that such explicit violence allegedly unites the Filipinos as a nation. WTH.

 I wasn't excited to watch the Pacquiao-Margarito fight live. I was just feeling giddy because I get to watch it live for FREE. Bazinga! Imagine the hundreds of pesos, people actually paid just to watch what appeared to me as a mere human cockfight! But lo and behold, when the game commenced I was praying for Pacman's win.

Pacman ruled rounds 1 and 2 without a doubt. He was feisty, aggressive and full of energy. He was undeniably quick and by the looks of Margarito's would be swelling face, irrevocably strong. Even at round 3, when it seemed as if Margarito has just only then put his game face on, I was confident Pacman will win the game.

The biased crowd I was watching with got rowdy at round 4. It was Pacman's highest high. Intense enough that I witnessed a glimpse of the great boxer that he really was (Ok, I can't believe I'm typing this). The moves, the speed, and the techniques were without a doubt a result of experience and excellent training. That day, boxing appeared as more than a form of violence and gambling to me. Surprisingly enough that I almost couldn't believe I'm saying this, it appeared much more of a science that had to be learned, developed and continually improved upon.

Rounds 5 through 8 were heart breaking. I was literally convincing GOD that Pacman, by all means, CANNOT lose. The Philippines needed the win. Flashes of the late hostage crisis, the oil spill and images of our current president literally busting his ass off just to convince the leaders of the rest of the world that the Philippines is still one safe place to travel and invest in populated my mind. Cheap, I know. But Pacman's loss would be one heart break that our already heart broken nation totally do not need right now. That punch on his side, the alleged liver punch, frightened the hell out of me- and I guess the hell out of everyone of us, watching, rooting for Pacman. Later that evening I found out that Aling Dionisia even experienced an anxiety attack because of it.

The crowd I was watching with grew silent until round 9, when we started being hopeful again. For me, that was the start of Manny's best rounds. It was obvious he was tired. It was obvious that his speed, accuracy and energy has waned. To an amateur like me, it seemed as if during the succeeding rounds, it was no longer a fight between the best moves and techniques. It was just a struggle to survive longer than the other- matira matibay, in our native tongue. Margarito cornered him more than once. In fact, Margarito was strong enough and skilled enough to repeatedly corner him throughout the remaining rounds. But Manny was resilient enough to continue fighting and to break loose from it every single time.

I guess, for me his unmatched resilience is his best skill. Not the strong punches. Not his quick moves. Not even his pumped up physical endurance. Just the undying will to fight and fight well until the final round- win or lose; but hopeful for a win. It was one hell of a fiesta when he was finally declared a winner by unanimous decision. Congratulatory tweets flooded my phone. That day. Manny made history. His 8th World Boxing title is something that the world can never take away from a Filipino.

No. I'm still not a Pacquiao fan, or at least I'll never admit being one- not even to myself! HAHA. AND I DEFINITELY STILL HATE BOXING and its VIOLENCE and dirty GAMBLING that comes along with it. But we have to give credit to a good game. And I have to admit that that 25-minute fight has brought me wonderful realizations about boxing as a sport, Pacman as the greatest boxer of our time, and the Filipinos as a nation. Even gone as far as inspiring me to become one good fighter in this ring called life.

P.S I pray to GOD I'll never have to marry a boxer. *wink*

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm happy I waited for the right time. I'm happy I waited for the right guy. I'm happy I waited for you. And I wouldn't have wanted it any different.=)) I still swoon by the thought of it; by the thought of us, then-even if it were years ago. *wink*

 You were a lot of firsts and hopefully, the only one who'll last.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Had a chance to be part of the 1st Industrial and Managerial Holistic Student's Conference team last weekend. To be honest, I didn't want to attend the event at first. But I'm really glad that eventually, I did.I managed to listen to the last straws of the talk of the second speaker BUT I'm fortunate enough to listen to the thought provoking and entertaining words of Francis Kong. From him, I learned the five levels of leadership.

Five Levels of Leadership
1. Position Level of Leadership
People follow you because you are in the position to demand it from them.

2. Permission Level of Leadership
People follow you because they think that you could lead them to reach their individual or team's goals.

3. Co-production Level of Leadership
People follow you because they've seen what you've done and they trust your capability to produce the results that they are also vying for.

4, People Development Leadership
Leadership where you do not only get the job done but also help your people maximize their potentials and grow into better individuals. Success without succession is a failure.

5. Servant Leadership
When you go beyond your personal interests and stand up for visions bigger than you.

I would like to believe that I'm starting to master the art of the fourth level of leadership. Both for PRIME and for YFC. I would like to believe that I have started molding the people unto whom I could entrust the mentioned organizations when the right time comes. But I know I still have a lot to learn.

"Good leaders are made BUT they have to be born first"

The crowd bursted into laughter at what they thought was a joke. BUT I think it was more of a witty way of saying that before one could become a great leader, he has to consciously want to become one. Leadership is not something you could master in a year or so. It's a mixture of skill and character of which dimensions you could always improve on. It's a lifetime process of continuous learning but only with conscious effort. 

"Fail NOW and succeed SOONER"

 I believe I learned how it is to FAIL BIG TIME soon enough. I'm NOT letting myself fall in the same pits again soon, if not ever! I've learned the hard way and I haven't gained full composure back. But I know I'm on the right track.

"Who you are and who you will be are consequences of the decisions you make everyday."

 Today, I decide to emerge victorious in all my current and upcoming endeavors. Today, I decide to do things with honor. Today, I decide to be in constant pursuit of excellence. Today, I am a winner and every single day I will choose to be one.

Not only did I learn about brand and team leadership but during the afternoon I got to learn about public speaking and power dressing hosted by Ms. Claud Mallilin of Business Trends. Won't enumerate the things I learned anymore or else this entry would be a total bore! HAHA. But I guess the biggest lesson here is to never let go of any opportunity to learn no matter how lazy you feel during any moment of your life. Because frankly, there is ALWAYS so much more to life that we don't know.

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