Thursday, October 21, 2010

Truth is, I never really knew the true meaning of friendship until high school.

We were not allowed to play outside the house when we were younger. My playmates were my yayas and older cousins who treated me like a baby (even when I was no longer one). I never knew how to reach out to people, I'm not biologically related to, maybe until now.

It's because of this that I found it real hard to adjust during my first few years in school. Mom had to enroll me into different workshops just so I could learn how to mingle with other kids my age. That's how much of an anti-social bitch I was. I thought I had progress during my latter years in grade school when I started to become part of my first girl group-JCJ. Those were the days when young girls form girl groups and name themselves by joining the first letters of their first names. Silly? Funny, now that I think about it! But I guess friendships in an all-girl school could really be volatile. I don't remember exactly what happened and why it did. But I remember rejection real bad. I remember being "in" one moment and then being isolated the next. I don't remember the pain anymore but I guess trauma hit me hard. Until now, I've become very reserved and picky when it comes to people I get close to. My confidence suffered real bad. I haven't fully regained composure yet. I guess never will.

It was high school at MaSci when people got to appreciate me so much to my surprise. I've been part of lots of circle of friends who valued me and welcomed me in their lives. I didn't have to pretend I'm someone I'm not. And if that wasn't enough, a number of boys even tried pursuing me. Seriously, what were those boys thinking? HAHA.

College came and I've been into more circle of friends than I could ever imagine. I've been blessed with good people I never thought I'd deserve.

Spent the weekend in LB with my birthday bunch! It's been awhile since we last saw each other and I really missed their company. Papoo cooked dynamite. pesto and bolognese for all of us. Never really knew how good he is in cooking 'til this weekend.
Dynamite:Long Chilli plus Cheese plus Ground Beef
Sizzlin Hot!

Not Your Ordinary Pesto!

This is one of the circle of friends I'm proud to have been part of. =)They've been through one of the biggest blows a barkada could go through, but here they are ready to forgive and be forgiven. Met with Parel and Papoo at Gateway before we met with Kath at the H&M bus station.

We suffered the wrath of Juan (the alleged super typhoon scheduled to hit the country the day after) on our way to the bus station. Some of us had doubts whether we'd still be able to go to LB or not. But the decision was unanimous, we'd see baby CJ that day no matter what. And we did.

The road trip was twice as much fun as I thought it would be. We watched the surprise birthday video presentation that Pap made for his mom and dad and tried guessing what these symbols in his baller meant. Can you guess?

 If I were to describe this weekend in two words, it would be "GOOD FOOD".

 That weekend is the start of a lot more celebrations of genuine friendship to come. =)) Looking forward to our next meet up. I know it's gonna be epic. As always. =)
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