Sunday, October 03, 2010

Only Then Is It True

The world speaks of its wonderful beginnings and heart breaking endings; unbeknownst that it is at its truest in between. 

When your feelings are no longer hyperbole. 
When you've had enough of each other already. 
When everything is either boring and messy. 
It is true. 

When you're no longer blinded with made-up perfection. 
When you can finally see his quirks and gotten over adoration. 
When everything he does annoys you. 
It is true. 

When he starts to forget everything you say. 
When he won't spend time with you the whole day. 
When you can't sort things out but you say it's okay. 
It is true. 

For that time in between when infatuation fades, 
when nothing about him comes as a daze 
when every day together doesn't count as a date 
Only then is it true. 

When you share a suitcase full of regret 
plus a bagful of memories you choose to forget 
yet its worth all the heart break you get 
Only then is it true. 

For love only is and only will be 
when its stripped of everything the world dictates it to be 
when you break all the rules and choose to see
the magic beyond fairy tales 
the beauty beyond happy endings 
with the person not fit to be Prince Charming 
Only then is it true.
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