Sunday, October 03, 2010

Got this as a surprise from Gold last Friday. Sweet! Literally and figuratively. *wink*

I love having new found friends. We've known each other for quite sometime now, but it was only yesterday, at the PRIME loft, that that friendship was sealed with a confession that caught me by surprise. At our age and with the communities surrounding us, it's hard to find genuine friendships that you can trust on. I'm glad she trusted me with her heart. Totally appreciated it. =)

Recent events has been tiring lately. Friday night til Saturday couldn't have been any worse. But deep inside I know I'm craving for this kind of pressure- the brain-wracking kind. And I know GOD is by my side. Slept the whole afternoon yesterday and watched movies and episodes til this afternoon. I think I've rested enough. I need to get back to work. This week is gonna be one hell of a week. Wish me luck!

Got my first salary from Online Articles. Yahoo. But then again, bills are already lining up. HAHA. Well, at least I won't owe anybody anything. =)
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