Saturday, June 05, 2010

YFC Summer Youth Camp

Our cluster held its first Clusterwide Youth Camp this year at the St. Pius Parochial School last May 22-23, 2010. I've been in the community for so long but the passion to serve hasn't burned out still. =) I love being a Youth For Christ. I love being able to grow and inspire other people. I love being inspired by the same set of people. I love my kids. I believe that they are GOD's blessings for me.

This year has been a challenge. It felt like a losing battle. I almost doubted my ability as a cluster head. But GOD has always been the wind beneath my wings and for as long as He's there, I can never feel hopeless. My heart is full of hope that this is the start of something not only new but beautiful as well for my cluster.

I hope that more than introducing Christ to their lives, I will be able to show them how to love and value the community as much as I love and value them. This semester, I promise more fun-filled and inspiring activities for the community. I promise that we will all accelerate towards a new level of service and relationship with Christ. I pray that GOD continue to bless them with the same (if not more) amount of grace He has been showering my life with.

ILY, YFC babies. =))

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