Friday, December 25, 2009

The right one is supposed to make all your doubts and fears disappear. The right one is supposed to bring out the best in you. The right one is supposed to make your every breathing moment bliss. NOT!

There's this couple who've been madly in love with each other. They've been through hell and back. They've overcome struggles far greater than any other typical couple could have gone through.There was no question that they were destined for each other (if there really is such a thing called destiny).

One day, the girl found out that the guy was watching him sleep the whole night. Cheesy much? The girl thought so too. But after days of catching her guy, simply just watching her sleep, she didn't fall for the cheesy lines anymore. The guy blurted out that he couldn't stand her all-nighter snoring.

They've been sleeping together for months and the girl didn't want to believe she snores until her next door roomie told her she's snoring real loudly every night and her guy sneaks out(when she's in deep slumber), settles on the couch, and then sneaks back in their room before she wakes up so she'd barely notice. 

When we find the "could be right one", we cloud ourselves with the illusion that they're GOD's perfect little creatures made solely for us. We believe that they could be everything we want and more. But when reality hits us in the face, when imperfections and conflicts start to surface, we inevitably ignore them until we couldn't ignore them anymore.

He didn't want to hurt her feelings. He didn't want to tell her she's one of those girls who are sawing logs* when they sleep. He didn't want her to know he couldn't sleep beside her. He did his best until he couldn't do it anymore.

See, relationships are difficult. People are dysfunctional. We each have our own quirks and abnormalities that other people won't be able to stand. Even the most patient ones break down once they reach their limit.

When the imperfections and conflicts surface, you can bear it for the one you love. Other people could bear it in the name of love for you. But one way or another it'll eat us all up until we couldn't take anymore.

How did they go about the situation? Wax Ear Plugs. She snores. They can try all the medicines and treatments available but they won't be able to change the fact that she snores. So they bought wax ear plugs. They're safe and reliable. He can snuggle her real close and not hear a thing. Or at least  hear her snores at a bearable noise level.

No, the right one will never be able to take away your quirks and abnormalities. The right one will never be able to bear your imperfections all the time. But the right one will help you find wax ear plugs for both your different kinds of unbearable snores. =))

We were having Christmas lunch today and mom was giving her usual shots of wisdom when they started picking on me -my room, my mess, my studies, my poor eating habits,my late night commitments and relationships. She went on and on about how much supportive she is with my current relationship then occasional insights about men, love and commitment. Yadayadayada. Until she said "kailangan mahal mo talaga. kasi you'll go through hell and back but love will always be good enough reason to stay. Tignan mo yoong daddy mo, kung hindi ko lang yan mahal matagal ko nang iniwan yan..."

Wah. I used to hate it when my parents become cheesy. But seeing them today and knowing and feeling the truth in what ma was saying, I couldn't help but feel proud and inexplicably happy for them. I know my parents are far from perfect. They've had those days when they didn't think we'd make it as a family. Numerous times, mom left daddy and stayed at nanay's house. Numerous times, they'd called it quits. But here we are, celebrating love and Christmas as one family. 
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