Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In Full Bloom

I love flowers. They breathe life, beauty, hope and faith.
I have always been sensitive when it comes to what other people think of me. My sensitivity sometimes goes way beyond paranoia. It’s something I’ve never grown over. Call it pride. Call it trauma. Some skeletons in my closet have stuck real hard over the years. 

But I have learned to screw the thoughts and live with what I believe in. I have learned to have faith on myself. And the world around me has helped me build a better image of my being. I think I’ve matured and healed enough to be able to look into other people’s eyes, see myself from there, be genuinely delighted with what I see and believe that the I totally deserve the appreciation they give me credit for. But sometimes, when a little prick touches that soft spot within, my whole world doesn’t collapse but I still break into little pieces inside.

But I see flowers and get the inspiration I totally need. Today, I may not be in full bloom but I have faith that someday, I will be. If not tomorrow, the day after, or two days after or three days after that. Nonetheless, I will not stop believing. And every time, I'll feel a little low, I will just look at a flower and remind myself that I will reach my full bloom again, soon.♥

Thanks, friends! ILY all! I owe you this confidence and love for self.

And to the person who almost ruined my afternoon, you haven't seen the best of me yet. Wait and see. As much as I hate you, I owe you still. For if not for that belittle-ing gesture you did today, I wouldn't have realized how much I've learned to appreciate myself thru time. 

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